Toronto Raptors fans cheer on their team at Jurassic Park for the NBA playoff
Toronto raptors fans cheer on their team at Jurassic Park for the NBA playoff | Photo by @planefightertoronto

The Raptors are totally killing it and the success of the Raptors is bringing the city together in some beautiful ways, and causing some trouble for at least one major corporation. Here are some weird and wonderful things to come out of the Raptors’ success.

It’s bringing communities closer

There are screenings of the games everywhere! Not just in sports bars, or at Jurassic Park, but at movie theatres, in parks, and even on the side of the AGA Kahn Museum. The city is seriously coming together to ensure that everyone has a spot to watch our incredible winning streak. We’re taking the opportunity to strengthen our communities, and prove that the success of a team isn’t just a sports thing, but a win for the whole city.

We got a picture in the Louvre

After Raptors star Kawhi Leonard dunked on Milwaukee Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo during the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, the official Raptors Instagram page posted a picture of the event with the caption “Hang this in the Louvre”. Someone did. Raptors fan Athina Vandame posted a video on her Instagram of her placing the picture on a placard at the Louvre in Paris. Of course it wasn’t permanent, but it sure was a wonderful display of team pride.

Obama was here

One of the coolest guys in the world, former U.S president Barack Obama came to the city to watch Game 2 of the finals. He received a standing ovation, and a heartwarming chant of “MVP!” from the crowd at the Scotiabank Arena. He was seen drinking from a Tim Horton’s cup, leading to a fun debate online about what iconic Canadian beverage he opted for.

McDonald’s has lost millions

Head of marketing for McDonald’s in Eastern Canada, Chuck Coolen, came up with the idea to give away a free order of medium fries to customers using the McDonald’s app when the Raptors make 12 three-pointers in a single game. They apparently do that a lot. Thanks to the promotion, McDonald’s has given away more than two million free orders of fries, to the tune of over $5.8 million and climbing.

City Parks got new equipment

Twelve of the city’s parks just got brand new basketball nets and balls, courtesy of Canadian Tire. The company installed nets with #WeTheNorth and #JumpStartMonth emblazoned on them, and donated 600 basketballs to the community centres nearby. They also donated $15,000 to the city for further court updates through their sports accessibility charity, Jumpstart.

The championship win is so close we can taste it. I hate to jinx anything by saying something like “even if we don’t win”, but even if we don’t win we can all be proud of how the city and international Raptors’ fans have come together to celebrate our team, and gouge McDonald’s for millions of dollars.