Canadian Flag
Canada Flag | Photo by Hermes Rivera

Canada is filled with wondrous beauty and diverse cities bursting with life and colors. Sure, Toronto has magnificent skyscrapers and breathtaking landscapes, but have you explored the chilly tundra of the Yukon, or the sandy, turquoise beaches of the east coast? The sunny days are great for planning outdoor activities, attending festivals and events all around Canada and blowing off some steam. This Canadian travel guide brings you the best spots to visit in the Great White North this summer.

Camping in the Algonquin

A canoe at Algonquin Provincial Park
A canoe at Algonquin Provincial Park | Photo by Alex Boudens

Northern Ontario holds a lot of natural beauty. The Algonquin Provincial Park lets you choose from over a hundred campsites surrounded by lush green trees and thick shrubbery. You can enjoy a quiet, peaceful time to unwind and relax, and explore the pristine lakes, rivers, beaches, cliffs, bogs and forests within the national park. You can also catch some fun summer events in the logging museum and visitor center. The budget friendly trip is perfect for sun-smashed summers, with clear skies and starry nights, barbecues, and a lot of outdoor adventures.

Partying at the Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede
The Calgary Stampede | Photo by @calgarystampede

Join the party people in Calgary to celebrate the annual Calgary Stampede. The event takes place in July, where thousands of people come together from all over the country to celebrate carnivals, multi-day rodeo and drinking events. Don’t forget to bring your cowboy boots along, as everyone pretends to be a cowboy during the celebrations. It’s a great chance to meet people, fit in with the crowd and indulge in delicious and unique festival food. You wouldn’t want to miss out on these exciting events that are easy on the pocket and full of life.

Attending Music and Arts Festivals

People at Osheaga Music Festival
Osheaga Music Festival | Photo by @timsnowphoto

The summer festivals in Canada suits a wide range of interests and tastes. The Osheaga Festival in Montreal, Quebec, is one of the most happening summer events in Canada. The three day event will feature popular and emerging artists, and cater to a large crowd with fun-packed activities, games, and tasty treats and drinks! Get the single day or weekend passes and enjoy the many perks with Gold and Platinum services, like sipping mimosa at the Platinum lounge, partying at Casino de Montreal, backstage tours and professional masseurs all set to pamper you.

Gallivanting the Mighty Saint Lawrence

People on a boat at Mighty Saint Lawrence
Mighty Saint Lawrence | Photo by Dennis Minty

Take a voyage to the magical Gulf of Saint Lawrence, brimming with rich heritage and culture of Canada, and a lot of scenic beauty. The boat trips take you to a tour encompassing the French island of Saint-Pierre. The gorgeous coastal regions of Quebec’s north shore also include Magdalen Islands and the Gaspe. Take Instagram worthy pictures with backdrops of geological wonders like Perce Rock, clear blue waters and the striking Saguenay Fjord. Explore the French culture of Canada with dancing, music, delectable cuisines and stories in the company of bilingual guides. When you come back from your trip, you will be humming French songs and feasting on cheese and fine wines!

Harmonizing with Nature in the Yukon

man lying on plant field near mountains at Yukon
Yukon | Photo by Greg Sellentin

If you a nature lover, you will love the time you spend in the Yukon. It is very likely to encounter an elk, deer, bear or a friendly beaver during your excursions. The Yukon Wildlife Preserve will give you a guaranteed shot at befriending the mighty elks and exploring the exotic wildlife of Northwest Canada. The mountainous, wild and free lands have pristine glacier-fed alpine lakes, hot springs and several trails for hiking. Tour the foggy Silver Trail, enjoy the events and festivals with the locals in Kluane, and stop by the breweries to sip on icy cold beer spiked with unique Yukon flavors.

Hopping on Picturesque Train Rides

Train travelling through Canada
Travelling through Canada via train | Photo credit unknown

Train rides are one of the more refined and relaxing ways to discover the beauty of Canada. These train rides can be a romantic excursion alongside foggy mountainous backdrops, solo adventure trips or family trips with cross-country adventures. The Rocky mountaineer is one of the scenic train rides that takes you from Calgary, Alberta to Vancouver, British Columbia. It takes you down the path traveled by the 19th century pioneers, and stops by the beautiful rivers, glaciers, canyons and mountains. You can also explore the beauty of Northern Ontario with Polar Bear Express connecting the coastal communities, Agawa Canyon and South Simcoe Railway.

Racing on Dragon Boats in Vancouver

Dragon Boating in Vancouver
Dragon Boating Vancouver | Photo by @rkmemory

The Vancouver’s False Creek is the spot where a number of regal, lavish dragon boats take sale for a one of a kind cultural experience. These boats have exceptional and artistic craftsmanship and skillful design to tackle both speed and aesthetics. These races aren’t aggressive, but peaceful and enjoyable. These boats race also include concert series on the weekends that are absolutely free. As Vancouver is not a cheap city to plan a vacation in, the Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival gives you a chance to plan a budget friendly trip to this beautiful city.

Whale-Watching in the Bay of Fundy

Bay Of Fundy
Bay Of Fundy | Photo by Peter Lloyd

The east coast of Canada has a lot to offer. Bay of Fundy holds a dreamlike, whimsical beauty with coastal beaches and dense forests. Whale watching is a very popular activity in the area, and the mouth of the Bay offers excellent views and serves as a feeding ground for the majestic mammals. In summers, you can spot the Humpback, Finback, Minke and North Atlantic Right Whales swimming in the ocean, alongside playful dolphins, seals and sharks. You can also spot exotic seabirds like gannets and puffins gracing the shores with their presence. The summer months have various whale watching voyages taking sail from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Celebrating the Summer Solstice at Yellowknife

Yellowknife Summer Festival
Yellowknife Summer Festival | Photo credit: unknown

Let’s face it, we love Canada but we spend the better part of the year in a blanket of snow. This is a big enough reason itself to celebrate the arrival of long, sunny and bright days. The Summer Solstice Festivals take place in Yellowknife as an official start of the summer parties kick off. You’ll get to party with the locals, dance to the beat of awesome music, blend with the community and culture, and witness some truly tasteful live performances all around the vibrant and joyous city. No matter what taste or preferences you have, you’ll surely find something here that tickles your fancy!

Eating Your Way through Quebec

Quebec City
Quebec City | Photo by Rich Martello

The Eastern Townships of Quebec are a wonderland for all the foodies out there. From fine wine and local cheese, to wholesome pancakes and waffles, barbecue delights, rich corn chowder and the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked breads, you’ll be discovering some of the finest delicacies of French Canada. The local breweries offer chilled beers, ciders and wines to compliment your hearty meals and give you a truly scrumptious experience. Don’t forget to load up on chocolates on your way out.