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The Shopify Unite Conference occured on 19-20 June 2019 in Toronto

The Shopify Conference has come and gone. It leaves us a lot to be desired as the new updates takes both the seller and customers to a refreshing standard. Shopify faithful around the world, especially store owners from Toronto will find this brief overview useful. The Shopify platform boasts recent adjustment and updates like profound customer engagement with personalized features; videos and 3D enhancements; customer-loyalty benchmark features; Convenient cross-border business; Shopify fulfillment Network and interesting customer delivery with custom storefront themes.


Your products can be augmented to create further niche engagement with customers with 3D and video features in 10 dynamic themes. This feature supports easier customization at the page and store levels where you can preview products on the platform. This new installment is still open to further development and updates although for now, you can make use of the dynamic Shopify AR to boost consumer experience. As you manually add this feature on your platform, you can also utilize customers loyalty benchmark features.


Shopify has greatly simplified the relationship between store owners in Canada and the world as a whole as well as retail shoppers with POS capabilities. With a POS cart application, you have consistent performance indicators unlike before. As you are well aware of the importance of loyalty and retention applications towards customer engagement, you can combine positive reviews from customer’s cart to build more rapport. Similarly, applying discount quickly is more efficient than ever adding to your business’s personalized features. Overall customer-tailored design gives you greater control over customer information like favorite shopping variables and birthdays.


Easy to use custom features are now available in 11 languages. This recent addition is intended to push your business to wider frontiers and new markets. In addition, there is an integration of local currency options on the Shopify platform which will take effect later in the year. Later upgrades will also feature major currencies conversion from product listing to POS checkout. For now, there is a foreign-exchange price indicator feature that responds to exchange rates as new cash values come into play.


This feature tracks your delivery channels data and gives you future recommendations that will save you cost, inventory, order, and supplementary data are available themes that are evident in warehouse locations and distribution points of your choice. This network, available in the US only, allows your location to be optimized on certain sales performance indicators like low stock alerts, predetermined accurate delivery, and impersonal warehouse assistance so that customers can find you conveniently.


With this installation, you can create profound customer engagement through voice shopping, live streams, and smart mirrors. While niche businesses like mobile payment extensions, gaming, and the web will jump on this bandwagon, this feature encourages more flexibility. Dynamic storefront API reduces the rigidity associated with back-end and front-end compliance, giving you more flexibility to use features and custom enhancements targeted at wider heterogeneous markets. You can create seamless virtual realities for your customers and connect microservices for their personal preferences with the use of third-party shipping services.