Sam Kolder diving into water animated
Hey Tim by Sam Kolder

Films have the power to evoke feelings and inspiration. Hey, Tim, released in late June 2019, has inspired thousands of people to follow their dreams, update their bucket-list and help them cope with grief and loss. The travel film is created by Toronto’s own Sam Kolder and animated by Howard Wimshurst, an award-wining animator and film maker. You can watch it on Sam’s YouTube channel, kold. It took him two and a half years of hard work to bring his project to life. The film pays an unofficial homage to his brother, Tim, who passed away in a tragic accident in 2014 when a storm capsized his canoe in Algonquin Park. Kolder is determined to traverse the planet to honor his late brother’s dream

A Little About Sam Kolder

If you religiously document your travels or are currently exploring your options as an enthusiastic film maker, chances are you have come across Sam Kolder, whether it’s to get inspired or admire his creative editing and insane transitions. Who is Sam Kolder exactly? Well, he is many things! He is a Canadian-born filmmaker, editor, photographer, and a globe-trotter. Kolder has worked as a videographer for Beautiful Destinations, a travel and lifestyle inspiration YouTube channel and blog, and The Chainsmokers. Kolder is only 23 years old but his love for travel and creative film has already taken him places at such a young age.

Hey, Tim

Well, let’s get back to the film!

Hey, Tim opens up beautifully with shots of a forest blanketed with fall foliage, approaching footsteps, flooded lake dotted with leafless trees, a man rowing a boat in a secluded river and a drowning figure.  If these incredibly filmed sequences aren’t enough to captivate you then soulful music playing in the background certainly will. The scene changes to home videos of two happy young brothers who are playing and laughing without a single care in the world.  After a few clips, you find Kolder grieving besides a graveyard, and your heart wrenches in grief as well. You know where this is going.

Sam Kolder editing on his computer in his apartment infront of the CN tower
Sam Kolder | @samkolder

Sam then takes us throughout the world in an incredible drone-style manner. In between gorgeous hyperlapse shots of giant glaciers, dense jungles, the mesmerizing waterways, raging waves and crimson desserts, Sam has incorporated animated clips with excellent graphics and thoughtful quotes. Be it the real Kolder or the animated one, the emotions they exude are powerful. The cinematics are awesomesauce and the overall effect of the video is tranquil to say the least.

It is amazing to see that a film with a runtime of about 12 minutes is having such a huge impact on people. There is no denying that Kolder possess some amazing skills when it comes to cinematography and creative films. It will be a real treat to watch his upcoming work and films. We Can’t help but look forward.

In case you have missed the film, you can watch it here!