Toronto Defiant team standing in Nathan Phillips Square
Toronto Defiant team |@torontodefiant

OWLs are not just for the wizarding world, they are very much a part of our world too. Overwatch esports is a unique gaming experience that has something for everyone. Their wide range tournament series are captivating and highly enjoyable. Toronto Defiant is a Toronto based professional Overwatch esports team that competes in the Overwatch League (OWL). The team was founded in 2018 and has been a part of the OWL expansion team since 2019. The name ‘Defiant’ represents the team spirit, as well as the character, resilience and strength of Toronto. So when you spot their classy logo in the colors of black, white, red and grey, make sure to cheer them on!


Inauguration of OWL Matches


This year happens to be the first season of Toronto Defiant playing for the OWL. The team had a great assemble to start off, as the co-founder Marty Strenczewilk stated, “When we started building this team, one thing we really wanted to do was make Toronto proud.”

They won against Houston Outlaws in Feb, displaying their true potential and talents as a team. In their second week, they secured another win against Los Angeles Valiant but lost to Atlanta Reign. The same pattern followed throughout Stage1 of the games. Stage 2 was no different, but they ended it on a high note with a clean sweep against Paris Eternal on a 4-0 score.

The 3rd stage had many roster changes as Normunds ‘sharyk’ Faterins, Choi ‘Asher’ Joon-seong and Daniel ‘Gods’ Graeser bid adieu to their team. This change in team dynamics resulted in a noteworthy drop in the team’s performance level. Toronto Defiant is currently in the 18th place and has signed Liam ‘Mangachu’ Campbell as the new flex DPS, and will be sporting a mixed roster for Stage 4.


Current Schedule

Toronto Defiant are struggling to find a stable footing with their current team assemble. They are training hard to score a win in the upcoming lineup. The current position in this stage for the team is 0-6, but the spirits are as high as ever.

Week 1 of Stage 4 starts on the 26th of July. The lineup for Toronto Defiant includes playing against Washington Justice on 27th July and London Spitfire on 28th July. In Week 2, they are pitted against Shanghai Dragons on 2nd August and Philadelphia Fusion on 4th August. Week 3 is Florida Mayhem on 29th August and Seoul Dynasty on 10th August, whereas in Week 4 they will be facing Florida Mayhem again on 19th August to conclude Stage 4.


How to Get Tickets

You can watch the valiant and feisty Toronto Defiant play the Stage 4 of OWL at Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles. It offers a one of a kind entertainment experience with seamless production facilities as well as accommodations for devoted fans who don’t want to miss out on the fun. Tickets can be booked online on the Overwatch League’s official website. The general admission costs $30 with free flash mobile delivery. Entry is allowed for ages 6 and above, and those who are 12 or under must be accompanied by an adult. Don’t forget to pick an Overwatch League 3D Lenticular to celebrate the great season with all of its 20 teams.