Rutger Mannik known as Epna
Rutger Mannik known as Epna

Putting yourself out there as an emerging artist is a brave thing to do. In today’s world of digital media and social networking, it is not easy to stay true to yourself and stand out from the crowd. For such instances, when you are overwhelmed and struggling to make your mark, Rutger Chase Mannik’s advice to you, is to hold on and never give up on your dreams and keep working hard to pursue your true calling and passion.

Rutger Chase Mannik or “Epna”, is a 27 years old music producer and DJ from Frankford, Ontario.  He may not come from a musical background, but creativity and music runs in his veins. Growing up in a musical environment and taking inspiration from legendary bands like The Beetles, he grew a strong liking for electronic dance music. Most of his music comes through his emotions, and perhaps that’s the reason that many can find his work easy to listen to and relatable to a large extent.


Musical Journey

Rutger started out 4 years ago with his production program for mashups of hit songs, while successfully DJing as “Chase Mannik”. Although the soundcloud account was deleted due to copyright issues, you can still find some of his catchy and well received mashups on YouTube. Taking this setback as an opportunity to grow, the self-taught artist has launched his career as Epna since his birthday on September 8th.

Instead of investing his time and talents on mash ups of his favorite pop and edm songs, he now works to create original music that reflects his own style and emotions. It takes true dedication to embrace the impediments along the way and take them as a learning experience to pursue your dreams, and his efforts to do so are commendable. He already has two songs on his official Spotify playlist, and you can check them out under the name Epna.


Getting to Know the Artist behind the Music

We can sing praises of his work as Epna all day long, but getting to know the true aspirations and personality of the artist is the best way to truly connect with them and appreciate their work. The life of an emerging artist isn’t easy, but knowing that you are actively on the path you love is rewarding and fulfilling.

Rutger works as a Server/Bartender to keep himself afloat while working on his music. He moved around in Belleville, Trenton and Brighton in his teenage, before finally settling in Toronto. After first coming to the Queen City, he took up DJing every weekend at the Aji Sai Lounge, as well as in private events, weddings and a fashion show at the Enwave Theatre. Although he has always loved playing in Toronto, he wouldn’t say no to a performance in the tropical islands of Ibiza, or the shimmering and lively Las Vegas.

Rutger also aspires to someday collaborate with artists like Marc E Bassy, Dwilly and Cheat Codes. He has a strong inclination towards the 70’s rock and roll era with inspirational musicians like John Lennon and Elton John. His only real concern with the music industry is the extent of control a label can have over artists, which can potentially limit the amount of personal style and individuality they can relay into their music.

Catch the talented Epna on Spotify and checkout his mashups and previous works on YouTube. We suggest you have some of his favorite food – Canadian Donairs, while enjoying the beats, so you can truly connect with him through both music and food, the two truest joys of life!

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