20s is a time of self-discovery and struggle to find your place in this big mad world and be your own person. What better place to start this journey than the land filled with promises and opportunities? If you are in your 20s, we have a good feeling about Toronto and you getting along, and we have a whole list to convince you to make the move!


  1. High Millennial Population

The best thing about being in Toronto in the prime of your youth, is that you’ll find many likeminded age fellows. It gives you a chance to make friends, expand your networking, and find your own little community that helps you thrive.


  1. Exciting Nightlife

You may be buried under workload throughout the day, but you can surely find a laid back and hipster bar or club in your neighborhood to blow off some steam and meet people.


  1. Career Growth

You can find something in the thriving city of Toronto no matter what field of interest you have. You get to experiment with various industries, and you can intern and find what suits you best. Toronto is filled with endless career opportunities for those who can’t quite figure out where they fit in just yet.


  1. Sports Hub

From the Raptors, to football, eports to racquetball! Enjoy your favorite sports while slurping on cheap beer and all the hotdogs you can possibly eat.


  1. Inclusion and Acceptance

In Toronto, you can be your true self and get the admiration and acceptance you deserve. The multicultural city have people from all walks of life, and has the biggest LGBT community.


  1. Great Music

Toronto hosts many concerts, with electronic dance music culture on the rise. The city has a lot of music festivals round the year with both world renowned and struggling DJs. If you have a flare for music, you can try your luck here and even flirt with the idea of taking it up as a serious profession!


  1. Appreciation for Creativity and Arts

Toronto offers many programs to polish and work on your creative side, no matter how rare and uncommon your interests are. From animation, dance and theatre, to dental photography and storytelling, no stone is left unturned when it comes to originality.


  1. Allows You to Stay on a Budget

You can probably save up some cash for your future by staying in Toronto. Due to the large ratio of youth community, you get to save up a lot via shared accommodation and using public transportations or carpooling. The city has so much to offer that you won’t need to go anywhere else for vacations!


  1. Weekend Getaways

Toronto itself, along with the neighboring cities, provides a great source of entertainment and plenty of places for relaxation and mini getaways without putting a dent on your wallet.


  1. You’ll Learn to Be Flexible and Accommodating

Adjustments and flexibility are the two main qualities as an adult that can help you thrive and be open to new opportunities. From the weather to lifestyle, Toronto will surely teach you how to manage and adjust without compromising your productivity.


  1. Get the Best of Both Worlds

Although the great white north is known to be a little too chilly, you can have beach days and soak in the sun when you live in Toronto. Head on to the Ashbridge’s Bay with shades and sunscreen, and soak in the sun while relaxing on the beach!


  1. Explore Your Adventurous Side

You can really feel your youthful spirit in the wild city of Toronto. The zero gravity flights, kayaking, hiking, treetop trekking, exotic car racing, whitewater rafting, everything is there at your disposal! You get to have the most amazing experiences that will stay with you throughout your life.


  1. The Life Lessons

Toronto teaches you to not take life too seriously. You can make all sorts of career advancements and get the finest degrees, and you can still enjoy beer with friends every day and plan outings every weekend.


  1. Load Up on Cheap and Delicious Food

There are eateries and cafes all around the city that are quite cheap and very tasty. Head to the downtown pizza joint and get yourself the biggest slice of their mouthwatering pizza, load up on those stacks of pancakes drenched in maple syrup, or have everyone’s favorite dish – Poutine, at very affordable prices.


  1. Never Stop Partying

Toronto has a bar for everything you can possibly think of. Country bars, pool bars, sports bars, arcade bars, cocktail bars, rooftop bars, you name it, and they have it!


  1. High Employment Rates

You can definitely score a job in Toronto, and may even get the chance to build a full-fledged career. The city ranks 3rd in the world for its economic status and has an impressively high rate of youth employment.


  1. Everyone is There to Help

You know what happens when a Canadian runs into a poll? He apologizes to it. It’s a fact, my friend. You’ll find some of the most polite and helpful people in Toronto, who’ll teach you the power of a simple smile and the smallest act of kindness.


  1. Learning Team Spirit

You’ll love the team spirit and the small little community you build for yourself in Toronto. You’ll find people with same interests and you’ll never be alone.


  1. Shop Till You Drop

You’ll find all styles from modern to vintage, and small shops to big and dazzling malls. You can enjoy shopping for your favorite things while still being on a budget. That’s the beauty of a city that’s built by people from all walks of life!