The mesmerizing videography of the rising filmmaker JR Alli portrays the journeys of faraway lands and breathtaking beauty that is sure to spark the wanderlust inside you. The Toronto based artist preaches the true value and importance of living in the moment and letting go of the trivial things in life. His short films and travel videos will inspire you to live your best life and have adventures of your own.

JR Alli at Lofoten, Norway
@jralli23 | Lofoten Islands, Norway

Know the Man behind the Lens

Go along on a whimsical journey with the 20 year old filmmaker who has always had a passion for traveling, filmmaking and photography. The happy go lucky kid learnt to beat the odds and work things out in his favor since a very young age. JR Alli was interested in extra-curricular activities since the tender age of 6, when he started out with organized football, and got good at it pretty quick.

Besides excelling in athletics, he has always been inclined towards filmmaking. Initially, it was just some humorous and light hearted action films that he made with his friends. But through all the fun and good times, he soon developed a serious interest to take it up as a career. His love for traveling was complemented well by his love for photography.

So far, JR Alli has traveled to America, Diana, Jamaica, Cuba, London, Iceland, Norway, Peru and Egypt, and we’re sure the list is only going to grow larger with time! Through his travels, he unveils a whole new world with his exceptional camerawork and storytelling abilities. You can really see the world through his eyes and appreciate the wondrous beauty around us that we are often too busy to notice. Lastly, we’d like to mention the super trendy hipster glasses that believe it or not, aren’t just for the show. JR Alli has astigmatism and wears prescription glasses, and we’d like to say, the glasses are easy on the eyes, both literally and figuratively.

JR Alli in New York City
@jralli23 | Times Square, New York City

Filmmaking Journey

Through his traveling, JR Alli makes videos that are heartfelt and visually remarkable. He tells a story through every picture and video that he makes. Although traveling is a big part of his filmmaking, he has done a lot of work in Canada itself, capturing all the exquisiteness and depth it has to offer. Through his videos, you can see the world changing colors, holding still and running amok, you’ll find nature communicating with you and calling you towards its wilderness. He’s quite knowledgeable about camera equipment, lenses and editing software. He has also worked in collaboration with other artists and continues to produce excellent work.

All his videos start with iconic shots representing the true essence of the place with exceptional editing, and followed by super crisp sound design. He has a special gift of morphing the music and videos together to represent a true artistic masterpiece where everything works together in rhythmic beauty. Support his work at JR Alli’s YouTube Channel and learn a thing or two yourself, whether you are an amateur artist, filmmaker or just a travel enthusiast. Through his videos and storytelling, you’ll surely find something that encourages and inspires you to go the extra mile and discover a long lost passion of your own!