For Canadians, August is the last of the summer. Sunkissed days are long and winters seem a lifetime away. It is the perfect time to have BBQS, swim and unwind with your favorite TV shows. Before the long night comes, just sit back, relax, and watch these brand new shows coming to Netflix Canada in August 2019.




Launching on 8th August, Dollar is an Arabic series whose trailer looks promising enough to keep your eyes glued to the screen. The action-thriller series stars Lebanese comedy star Adel Karam and the Algerian-Lebanese actor and singer, Amal Bouchoucha. Season 1 has 15 episodes in total where you will see Karem and Bouchoucha chasing a unique one-dollar bill worth a million! Throw in some suspense and romance and you have the perfect series!


The Naked Director


If the name doesn’t intrigue you then the trailer surely will! Set in bubble-era Japan, the Netflix-original drama series is inspired by a true story of director Toru Muranishi who is infamous for revolutionizing the adult film industry in Japan and based on the non-fiction novel “Zenra Kantoku Muranishi Toru Den” by Nobuhiro Motohashi.


Wu Assassins


Wu Assassins is an upcoming American crime drama action series all set to hit your screens on 8th August 2019. In this martial arts series, you will see a humble chef hailing from San Francisco hurled into the world of mystical Wu powers and legendary creatures. We bet you can finish the whole season in one go!


The Family


Do you believe in secret societies and cults? Team up with the journalists in The Family who dare to expose The Fellowship, a Christian political organization, and their enigmatic political reach and influence. The TV series is set to premier on 9th August.


Better Than Us


For the love of robots and a dystopian world, prepare yourself to binge-watch Better Than Us, a Netflix-original series coming on August 16. The series is set in Moscow in a ‘not-so-distant’ future. It includes a broken family, a bunch of malicious terrorists, and of course, a robot that’s better than all of us.


45 rpm


The series rewinds to Madrid in 1960s when conservative elements persisted in Spain. It follows a life of three musicians who want to create a rock n roll label and lead a similar life. Uneasiness begins when the two musicians fall for the same girl. The series is coming to Netflix on August 16.


Simon Amstell: Set Free


A little humor never hurts even if it sounds like a narration of your life. In this stand-up comedy series, Simon Amstell, a quirky British comedian, shares his introspective thoughts on love, ego and age that are ‘uniquely vulnerable’. The series will release on 20th August.




The Netflix original series is an amazing blend of contemporary world, awesome cars, and a range of gasp-inducing stunts. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? The automotive-focused television series is going to launch on August 21 where you will see a number of elite street racers from all over the world testing their limits!